RSI Zeus Mk II CL Standalone Ship with LTI


This Standalone Ship Package includes: 

  • Self-Land Hangar
  • RSI Zeus Mk II CL
  • Lifetime insurance – LTI

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Auf Wunschliste
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Ready to ferry a whole new generation of travelers across the universe, Roberts Space Industries is proud to introduce a starship eight centuries in the making – the all-new Zeus Mk II spacecraft. Paying homage to the classic design that launched Humanity to the stars in 2140, the Zeus Mk II has been updated to exceed modern standards while retaining the heart of this beloved space faring icon. With a focus on commerce, the Zeus Mk II CL edition features additional cargo space and a tractor beam ideal for handling large volumes of cargo.

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Flight-Ready, Standalone (CCUd)


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Usually all ships in our store come with LTI - Lifetime insurance. Please check the product page and item title for the correct insurance.
Following insurance models are available:
  • LTI - Lifetime insurance
  • IAE / 120 months - 10 years in game insurance, sold during the Intergalactic Aero Expo
  • 24m - 24 months or 2 years in game insurance
  • 72m - 72 months or 6 years in game insurance
  • 60m - 60 months or 5 years ingame insurance

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